The night sky is a gateway. Van Gogh saw it, the heavenly vortex forever in motion. Gazing up you feel your worries melt into wonder. Time to forget the bad vibes of man tribes and ponder the mysteries of stuff happening elsewhere, beyond your window box, beyond your street, beyond your ken.  

Why count and measure when you have such visual pleasure? We do not need to know how long it takes to get to a place we will never go. So, take it easy, give the numbers a sleeping pill, lie back and enjoy the light-show, soak up the paradoxical ponderings.

We are unique and irreplaceable specks of space dust; everything in love, nothing in the great scheme of unthings.  If you sit still, you are turning. Motion is not anarchy, but the great constant of being, an endless spiral, a dog chasing its tail.  It makes us feel perplexed and safe and happy.  It is peace to know that I need not know.