In the Kinderhood

Adulthood is over-rated. You are given directions to the green vales of Choice-ville, but arrive to find them concreted over with the grey streets of Workington.  This is someone else’s gig.  Bowie said it best, ‘We’re just taller children, that’s all, after all.’

And children are a life force, all their own making.  Sure, we bring them up, but they kind of bring us up too.  Humans, memans, youmans - we’re all in a moment of interconnected becoming.  We’re patching a quilt together that will never quite cover our feet.  And all the better for it, as we have to snuggle up close to keep out the winter chills.

I’m not abdicating my responsibility as a parent; kids need us to care for them, but we need them too. I just want to celebrate their agency in our lives, as vital partners in helping us make the most of it.  We grow up together and so we have a debt of gratitude to each other.  Among the shots, there are lots of my own kids; you’ll work out who they are.  I hope you’ll connect with them and see different sides as they grow up and out, filling up the kitchen with their huge over-flowing lovely-grubby humanness.  And that’s a process going on in houses across the country, across the world; parents and kids making their way through the Kinderhood…via Choice-ville (it’s not real I tell you!) and Workington!!  We’re just taller children that’s all, after all…