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Wind-on, Focus,
Today-Ville Tales

Check out the portrait, nature and
urban life sets on this site to get a
sense of what inspires me
The Hiroshima sparrow-man and
the ghosts that keep him living

devoted to
the curious


Hello, I'm Tim, the
chap in the hat
an odd-sock man,
& story seeker.
A rest-not-ape.

People are narrative beasts. We tell stories to paddle our way through this pea-soup life. And there's magic in that, in the word trails of the everyday, the bus-stop Presario, the corner shop philosopher. I'm one of that throng too. I don't care for the twitter-twattter of celebrities and non-ebrities. No, I pine for the pea-soup protagonists. They should be celebrated. So, give us the mic. Turn up the volume and the gain on the sharp gritty joy and pit poems within.

I grew up in a British pub and met people from all walks of life. As a child, I was drawn to the quiet ones, the oddballs. They gave me their time. I learnt we are all searching for meaning and connection. And, we should welcome difference, not fear it. So, now I want to showcase people with a different take on life. Maybe their experience and insight can move hearts and change minds. We all know the world is doomed. But I am an optimist. In the time we have left, we can reclaim goodness through inclusion and love.